5 Tips for Starting a Career in Contracting

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So, you’ve decided to venture into the world of professional contracting! You are not alone. Professional contracting continues to grow rapidly worldwide, with people entering this avenue of the gig economy from virtually every industry and experience level. In Ireland, IT, engineering and pharmaceutical roles continue to be strong from a contracting perspective however we…Read More

Why are UK contractors coming to Ireland for work?

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As Brexit negotiations rumble on, the UK is currently facing an unprecedented amount of economic uncertainty. However, with the Irish economy experiencing strong growth, booming daily exchange rates and a continuously improving job market across multiple sectors, some UK contractors are being tempted to explore the possibility of contracting over in Ireland. In today’s world, Ireland…Read More

umbrella companies explainer

Defining Private Limited Companies and Umbrella Companies: A Simple Guide

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As a professional service contractor (someone who provides services on an independent basis to businesses), the process of getting your taxes and payments in order can be stressful, confusing and time-consuming. At Fenero, we offer a range of Private Limited Company or Umbrella Company solutions specially designed for contractors to maximise tax efficiency and net take home pay while also minimising the pressures…Read More