A Leading Irish Personal Tax Company

Fenero has over 10 years experience in helping thousands of contractors and freelancers in Ireland with tax and payment management solutions.

We are straight-talking technical experts, with a single-minded mission to deliver market leading customer experience - fast, friendly, informative service and great value fees.

Our specialities are umbrella company tax solutions and personal limited company solutions for contractors and income tax services for freelancers, landlords and the self-employed.

Contractor Solutions

Working as a contractor means choosing between an Umbrella Company or Private Limited Company solution. We offer a range of solutions...
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Income Tax

As personal tax experts we deliver a range of income tax services to individuals. For whatever reason you need to file a Form 11 or Form 12 Income Tax Return, we can help...
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What Our Clients Say

I used this company for over a year and found them to be exceptionally helpful and personable.

I would use them again if I found myself contracting again.

Keep up the good work guys.

Wayne Coombes Operations Support Engineer

When I joined ESB I wasn’t very familiar with the contractor process but when I contacted Fenero they were very helpful in explaining how the process worked without the jargon. Getting started was very easy and I always felt (and still do) that I could contact them with any query no matter how small.

Anyone I have dealt with in Fenero has been both friendly and professional. I would have no hesitation recommending Fenero to anyone.

Ann Gilligan IT Support Agent

I used Fenero when I contracted for the first time. They’re extremely professional and friendly, handling ‘newbie’ questions comfortably and personably. They have the tax qualifications that will set your mind at ease- they do it ‘by the books’ so to speak.

I would absolutely go back to Fenero if the situation arose again either for contracting or their other services.

James Gallagher Business Analyst

I have been contracting in the IT sector on and off for the last 14 years and choose Fenero last year to manage my limited company. In the past I’ve found accountancy firms expensive, forgetful and hard to contact but Fenero are like a breath of fresh air!

Very competitive rates and excellent support. I highly recommend Fenero.

Conor Corr Senior .Net Developer


Contracting in Ireland with a UK Limited Company – Guide to Irish Tax

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get from UK contractors who are interested in taking up a contract in Ireland and invoicing through their UK Limited Company are:

“What taxes do I pay if contracting in Ireland with a UK Limited Company?”

“When am I required to start paying Irish tax?”

Most people have an awareness of the 183 day rule, but this rule is also commonly misunderstood and leads contractors to incorrectly assume that if they are in Ireland for less than 183 days, they don’t have to think about the Irish tax system or pay Irish taxes.

Here’s our overview guide of how Irish taxes are applied for different contract lengths.

A Win-Win for UK Contractors and Irish Businesses?

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Why are UK contractors coming to Ireland for work?

As Brexit negotiations rumble on, the UK is currently facing an unprecedented amount of economic uncertainty. However, with the Irish economy experiencing strong growth, booming daily exchange rates and a continuously improving job market across multiple sectors, some UK contractors are being tempted to explore the possibility of contracting over in Ireland. In today’s world,…Read More

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